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help with dual monitors



i'm trying to connect a second monitor (and graphic card) to my computer, but it isn't going very well.. :(
(thought to use it when programming - running the prog on the main monitor, and showing some debug info on the other, smaller, monitor.)

as it is now, i have a working geforce 4 agp card, and a working monitor connected to that card.
i then connected another graphic card to the comp, and a monitor to that card.
Windows (xp) found the card, but there was some error: 'The device cannot start - code 10'.
win can't find the new monitor at all.

somebody told me that an agp card doesn't work very well with a pci card - is that correct?
and i also have some very vague memory that a pci graphic card has to be inserted into the first (top) pci slot - is that correct? i couldn't put it in the fist slot due to the large fan on the geforce - there would only be a couple of mm between the pci card and the fan intake, and that doesn't seem too good.


what we have is a non-working graphic card. i know it isn't broken - it works in other computers. winxp finds and installs the correct drivers, so that shouldn't be the problem.

any ideas?


(small addition)

this doesn't probably matter, but it is the proffesional version of winxp i have.


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Ok, a PCI card will work with a AGP card installed.

I am running a GeForce4 AGP card as well as a 16Mg Savage4 PCI card and have had no problems at all with this setup.

As for the monitor not working, have you gone into the Display Properties and put a tick in the "Use this device as the primary monitor" and a tick in the "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor."

Hope this helps.


A Proud Australian
Forgot to mention that the PCI card can go into any of the PCI slots, not just the top one, mine is on the bottom slot of my board.


oh. thanks. :)

no, i haven't put a tick in those boxes - they aren't there.
i think that is due to the fact that the card isn't working properly, and that win hasn't found the new monitor.

no, wait.. now, i found a setting under 'nView' when clicking advanced in the settings tab.
however, there is only the 'make this monitor monitor' choice, and it is disabled (since there are no other monitors)

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