Help with DOS batch scripting


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27 Apr 2002
Just wondering if the following is possible:

If I were to put this into a batch file, for example:
@echo off
echo Copy done @
date /t
time /t

The following would be displayed onscreen correct?
Copy done @
Mon 01/01/0001
00:01 AM

Now what I want to do is to get the above info displayed onscreen like this instead:
Copy done @ Mon 01/01/0001 00:01 AM
I want it on the one same line instead of the three lines? Is it possible? Thanks and any input is appreciated. :D
This should do what you need to do:

set timestamp=%date% %time%
echo Copy done @ %timestamp%

Sample output:

Copy done @ Sun 01/18/2004 22:33:16.29
Yes that looks right the echo command will display the message that follows the echo
If you are not doing anything between the time recorded and the time displayed you could just do:

Copy done @ %date% %time%
Just what I needed. Thank you very much.
I'm interested in learning more of such programming, do you know where I can do that?

Umm, got a problem. Are the %date% and %time% commands OS specific? Because I tested the commands on my WinXP system at home, and they worked fine, but I tried them on a WinNT system, and it doesn't show the date and time. :(
I think that those commands will only work on Windows 2000 and above. I haven't used an NT machine in a couple of years so I have dumped most of what I remember about it.

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