help with cooling Intel Core2 Extreme Processor QX6700 SL9UL


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9 Jun 2009
im am very new to these forums so here it goes. before i state what i need help with let me just throw the specs of what i have so i can get the best answer here. i have:

EVGA 780i sli mobo
(x3) 1 gig Xms2 corsair ram running at 800
(x2) leadtek 8800 gtx 768mb cards sli'd and watercooled with Koolance blocks
(X2) WD 40gb raptors 10,000rpm
1 WD 250gb 7200rpm
OCZ 700 watt PSU
duo core 2 at 2.13 with Koolance block
Koolance exos2 setup.
xp pro

cool so i just bought a QX6700 off ebay and still awaiting its arrival. these past few days i have been researching for hours a cooling solution for this chip. i had my eyes on a CoolIt domino kit. read 8 or so reviews with 80% giving the kit a good direction to go for this chip since most tested with a quard extreme more powerful than mine. but then as i go through these forums that everday people write i see that kit is a bad idea amonst forumist.
my koolance exos 2 had a dual rad. i only have a temp sensor on the processor and the temps show 93-97 degrees F, 36 C roughly when doing simple things or idled. on load depending on what i do it hits around 100 degrees F. crysis on high it hits 115 F. room temp is around 69-75 most of the day. those temps are from cooling both gpu's and a core 2 duo.

a figure a quad extreme at 2.66 will need more cooling power than my exos 2 is giving correct? i did have the idea of adding another dual or even quad rad with the loop from the gpu going to the second rad, then that rad shoot cooled down water to the chip. ideas anyone?
I don't think you'll need to upgrade anything if your Exo 2 is able to handle the C2D you currently have. C2Qs dont' get THAT much hotter then C2D's.
liquid is completely ott, i just got an aftermarket fan, i think i got a thermaltake of something like that.

the stock intel fan is terrible.
i notice more people are going back to air cooling. the CoolIt domino is proven to under perform compared to cheaper priced high end air coolers. sounds good and all but i like water cooling. cant say complex cause there si nothing complex about it. what do you think of the exos 2 pump handling 2 rads, even more what is your thoughts on the second rad loop straight to the cpu?

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