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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nathan Alexande, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Hey guys. I let my brother borrow my PC yesterday. Here's my, when I startup IE 6 (runnng XP Home, BTW), a weird toolbar pops up....also, a bar pops up at the bottom. How can I remove these bars? Also, it has edited my homepage with some link at the beginning of the original home link that I belive is causing the bottom toolbar. It does not pop up after starting IE 6 the second time. Also, there is a "MP3 portal" that is launching at startup. I cannot figure out how to uninstall it, as it doesn't show up under remove programs. Also, it does not show up in msconfig. Please help, as these things are bery annoying! :huh:

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    sometimes, those things are not in the includes yet

    also, if they were deliberately installed, they are not spy or adware.

    in either case, first use the programs rhettac was able to provide.

    if they don't work, the program I have attached does not need includes.

    it will recognize everything that is not default in your browser

    just be carefull, and read what you are uninstalling...for instance, this program will recognize the google toolbar.
  4. Thanks guys. The first programs worked! Also, I downloaded the third program for future use.