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I have setup my Web server (Apache) and everything works fine when I access http://localhost or any other files in the root.

However, other people are unable to access anything on my web server... it seems that it only accepts conncetions from me...

What should I check?
I run BlackICE PC Protection as a firewall, do I need to unblock any ports?
You must have missed something. Maybe you must actively ALLOW traffic INCOMMING on port 80 rather than just unblocking it? Does the firewall log any attempted traffic on port 80?

And I take it you are directly connected to the Internet, no routers, not other computers no nothing in between? An easy way to check (sorta) is to make sure your IP isn't 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.*.


Yeap, I'm directly connected to the internet.

How do I ALLOW INCOMING traffic to port 80? What I did for BlackICE PC Protection was to Add It under Advanced Firewall Settings:
From All Addresses
Port 80
Type: TCP
Mode: Accept

I was wondering if this has anything to do with
Internet File Sharing or NetBIOS Neighbourhood as I have those 2 disabled in BlackICE.


Hmm still can't work, so I guess its something in Windows or the httpd.conf file ... anyone knows what I should check now? =D

Thanks for all the help so far


It was set at

Listen 80

I changed it to


but it still doesn't work =/

Thanks for your suggestion, but are there any possible things as to why it doesn't work?

Kevin Ar18

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Originally posted by Alvy

I changed it to

Whatever you do, don't do that. You are telling it to only listen for connections from the IP address on port 80. That definitely means no one will be able to access it. You should proabably leave it like you had it before.

In essence you don't want to be listening for only one IP address.

Alternatively try commenting out Listen like so:
#Listen 80
I doubt that will do anything, however.

P.S. try accessing your site using the following:


Yeah I tried uncommenting already... still doesn't give any results.

And yeap, going to my own site works for me.
That firewall setting sounds right to me. Pretty straight forward. :)

Can you access it using you external IP instead of or localhost?

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