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Help with a digicam for a specific purpose



Whats up everybody, goin through a dilema that i hope you guys can help me with:eek:

A friend of mine wanted to borrow my digital camera (Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom) for some work for his company. What hes trying to do is take photos of all his empoloyees, add each photo with other relevant data (name address etc) to a database. He's got the database and forms ready and set up and wishes to have a system were he can line the employees up, one would walk in,he would take a photo, then enter all relevant data in the form and move on to the next.

The problem is that on my finepix, you take photos, then hook it up via usb, copy the files, disconnect it and start taking photos again, which as u have now realised , is not a very effiecient way to do things if your looking say 500 or so employees. Hes now willing to buy a camera specifically for the purpose but he needs one that can be connected to the pc at all times, so that he can take the photo and attach it to the respective file in real time rather than having to download a bucket load of photos and attach them later, a process which is both tedious and prone to error.

On my finepix once youve connected the camera its either a webcam, or another drive to download your media off, so ater this long explanation, the question is, anybody know a digital camera that can perform this task ie take photos whie connected to the pc and download them in real time?

PS: we were thinking a webcam with video capture but the pictures are always of low quaity on those, and the lighting is usually poor.

Thanx for your patience you guys, your help is much appreciated
There are some "cheapie" webcams out there and there are the more expensive ones that take decent stills.

The $olution is there, it's just going to cost either way you go.

Look for a decent web cam. With 500 employees if you drop $100 on the web cam that is 20 cents per form.


I was wondering if there was a proper digital cam i could use, i am aware of the use of webcams with image capture software but was hoping to leave that as a last resort, anybody know of any digital cameras that can do this?


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i would say use a webcam if you only want a face/shoulder shot.

for about £60 you can get a very highquality pic.

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