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HELP: Windows XP Problems



the computer doesn't save any setting or changes i make to the system anymore...and the current settings are messed up....

for example...
1. if i wanna show the my documents, my computer, internet explorer, and recycle bin icons it wont show up.
2. programs like winzip start everytime like its it first installation.
3. if i disable or enable anything either it won't change or it just reverts back to its old settings
4. i tried creating a new profile but it just said something about it being unable to load it and goes to the default profile which is my original profile (the one im using for my main account)....and it still doesn't save any settings....

does anyone kno what might have happened to the system?...and is there neway to fix this other then formating?

running windows xp prof.
Is it just on your account on the computer, or all the accounts? I have accounts on my computer that do that from time to time (well, I've seen it twice in two years, anyway). See if it will preserve the settings of another account on your computer.

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