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help..winamp cant play wmp files



does anyone know how i can get winamp to read mp3's ive copied using windows media player?
before i reinstalled xp, there was no prob. but now it seems like winamp doesnt detect the mp3's i copied form a cd using windows media player, only windows media player plays them.

i am using wmp 8
and i tried winamp 2.8 and 3, both worked before, and now they dont, i am not using sp1


i narrowed the problem, winamp can no longer play wma files, i dont know why, but when i instal either version of winamp full version, the support for wma is not there, and when i look in pref, media, wma is also not there.. so it seems i need a plugin for winamp 2.8 and 3..any help? has anyone run into this problem?
there is an old plugin for that..you will see it in the official site.
another solution,convert your files to mp3.
about winamp reading WMP burned ripped files...there is an option protects mp3s you should un-check it.


it was unchecked when i burned them, i dont know what the hell happened, what program do you recomend for burning mp3's from cd's? (thas free:p )


well, i fixed my prob. i reinstalled winamp 3 and windows detected "new hardware" it installed something, a driver? a plugin..either way, i no longer have problems. hope this helps some one in the future..

p.s. dont use windows media player to copy music:D

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