HELP!! Where is the UT2k3 CD Key


Boogie Nights...!
5 Jul 2002
Looking everywhere on my CD ROM case but cant find i being stooopid??

Quick!! This is very frustrating!
Dont fret....i was being stoooopid. Found it on the back of the manual!
what's that number there on the back of the manual? i cant see it, can ya help out?
Originally posted by mafiafromrussia
what's that number there on the back of the manual? i cant see it, can ya help out?
Its the CDKey.... just got myy copy is installingas we speak :)
is it out in the uk then? or have you obtained it via other means?
i dont normally buy games (last one was Quake3) but i think i will get UT2003 if i see it knocking about in town :)
me got mine today, loves it.
took a few mins to find the CD Key and get over the inital shock of "oh christ why the **** does this need 3 CDs."

I love the Ion Painter, wicked.
Just out of curiousity why DOES it need 3 cd's ?
I have looked about, it seems one it the primary play CD, another might be textures and other gfx things, finally the last CD has DX and various Editors on it.
you guys bought a new game UT2k3..but me I bought an old one GTA III :( and it didn't work blaaaaaaaa! when I wake up tomorrow I will apply its patch.
Octopus, you need to get the thing that makes it work in XP, you can find the link in the forums, there is also a patch that is just for the game, get that as well.

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