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Help w/my Linksys Router!!!



Linksys EtherFast® Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch BEFSR41 - this is the router I have. Under the Advanced Setup there is Dynamic Routing. It gives me an option between Gateway or Router. Default is Gateway.

First off, whats the difference between the two? Is setting it up as a Router more secure? If so, how do I go bout it? Ive been trying to find sites which help you set up Routers and I have no luck.

Please if anyone can help it would be great!


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Router works at the packet level, gateway works on the network level. In essence, a router is a gateway on steroids. Someone correct me if I am wrong please.
By default the dynamic routing page is disabled niether routing nor gateway is active. If you have a set of public ip addresses then or more then one static ip address then you would activate the routing table so that you can assign each static piblic ip to each pc.

Here is an example:

Suppose you have 17 public IP Addresses, through

You would first change the Router's Working Mode from Gateway to Router using the Dynamic Routing tab in the Router's web-based configuration utility.

change the LAN and WAN IP Addresses

Router's WAN IP =
Router's LAN IP =

For the computers on the network, you would set them up with static IP Addresses from the Internet Service Provider, as shown in this example:

PC 1
IP =
Default Gateway =
DNS = From your Service Provider

PC 3, 4, ...
IP =,, ...
Default Gateway =
DNS = From your Service Provider

Get the picture?

Hope this helps a bit along with the suggested links.

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