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!!!!HELP!!!! Video out Problem!!!



I need hlep with my video card its a radeon 64mb ddr vivo, the video out to my vcr then to my tv is all screwed up when powerdvd opens to play a dvd the tv fades in and out, bright to dark...

When not watching a movie when going threw comp-vcr-tv it looks ok...

Now if i go from comp to tv itself its all fuzzy like really bad fuzzy...

I need this fixed tonight :( Please help..

now maybe i could switch what prog i use to watch dvd's but unless you got an option that is free then i am S.O.L (SH** OUT LUCK)
I have a 7500, has not happened to me with PowerDVD, try another DVD player, like windows media, or if you want ATI makes a dvd payer, free download at ati.com


It is probably the -Macromedia- protection. I don't think there is something wrong or wrongly configured with your video card.

Manufacturers are forced to follow this standard, so when your video card or DVD player detects that it is connected to a VCR- the Macromedia protection mechanism attempts to prevent you from recording the DVD movie to your VCR.

Try connecting your PC directly to the TV set :)


hardware monkey
yeah, if it looks all scrambled and fades in and out, that's copy protection. most likely it's in your vcr so if you can find a way to get rid of that link, you might be able to watch movies perfectly.

the same thing happened when i had my ps2 hooked up to a vcr and with a cable connection to a tv. but when hooked straight up to a tv (without vcr), it looks fine.


I plugged it in to my tv and it look really really bad... like a lot of fuzzy crap...

its a fairly new tv


Make sure that you have the refresh rate and res. set to the proper settings. Normal TVs cannot display over 640X480 properly. I think the refresh rate is supposed to be at 60hertz.

I still dont really like watching stuff on the TV from the computer, still just doesn't look right to me. Just my two cents.



the movies i like cause i only have a 15in monitor and its a piece o crap.. i dont wnat to actually use it to like play games with or anything like that just movies... (DVD's)

Its set at 800x600 and refresh rate is 60hertz... still looks like crap...


hardware monkey
how does it look like crap? any better way to describe it? maybe you can take a picture and show us? can you read any text on the screen? hope you're not expecting the tv's output to be nearly as crisp as a monitor's. does it look okay when you play movies on it or is it still pretty bad?

btw, refresh rate doesn't affect tv output.


hardware monkey
sounds like a problem with the cables or tv, itself. make sure all the connections are seated good. wiggle them around a bit and see if the picture gets any better while doing that. try different cables. what kind of inputs does your tv have and which are you using?

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