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Help Urgent: How uninstall Media Player and Reinstall?

I can't see movie like Black screen from farmer.mpg...I know Divx is FAULT because I did install divx with Ads spyware then uninstall few week later...i download Divx PRO then install it...so Most movie does not display it :(.....so How uninstall Media Player and Reinstall? I dont want re Format...make me TIRED OF IT. :(

Thank you,


I was wondering this too, the other day all my movies started playing in Black and White!, i couldnt find an uninstall/reinstall option, in the end I ran system restore and went back a few days and then it worked fine, so you could try system restore

Start Menu >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools
I think you may be stuck doing a repair installation. I was looking at that 'sysoc.inf' hack and media player gets listed in the add/remove windows components, but I'm pretty sure it's for the old one, mplayer2.exe, that's found in the X:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder.

I was just messing around in that folder [X:\Program Files\Windows Media Player] and found the file 'setup_wm.exe.' I launched it and it looks like the installation program for media player... give that a try.

Update, yeah, it gives you the option to 'reinstall all components.'

Newer update... I tried to run it... it went to the internet and then told me I already had it... it didn't do squat, sorry.
Yeah right...that what i did before setup_wm.exe...exactly what do u say it...so im stuck it.... :(....Microsoft should give to ppl media player 8 for in case re install because ppl dont need re-format it...DAMN...Microsoft is IDIOT....Only last version release Media player 7.x for win 9x, me, and 2k......so...:(

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