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Help the Dutch to get even with the Germans

Der Bild.de has posted a poll about who the Germans think is gonna win the Euro 2004 cup. But they forgot to exclude other countries from the poll, and so a Dutch blog (Retecool.com) thought it was cool to have their members vote in that same poll for us, the Netherlands. Now the score is 75% for the Dutch... It even hit the news, but the host didn't know this is all a prank.
So, I have a question for you: Will ya'll please vote in this poll for the Netherlands ('Niederlande')?

Article on Retecool.com
Blid Online Poll

Thanks, on behalf of my people :D


Why waste your time doing these polls, getting the 'hacks' to broadcast your efforts, even the Suisse have gone to voodoo.

England are going to win euro 2004, so pointless you getting all worked up about it.

3 certanties this year, taxes, deaths and England winning euro 2004 :)


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/me tries to think of the last time the dutch won a meaningful footy tournament...

nope... drawing blanks here :confused:
Geez, forget I asked. You don't have to vote, I only asked you to vote. It's all in good fun, it's a prank between Germany and the Netherlands, this prank has gone further than the whole 'who's going to win the Euro cup' thing.


unknownsoul said:
How sad. Even in Texas we know what the Euro 04 is. it's imitation American football.

Only in the USA do they call it s.o.c.c.e.r.

MMM Football was invented 300 years before American football a game played most of the time with hands, a copy of Rugby Union, instead you throw the ball forwards and wear all that padding.
You're so correct it is true s.o.c.c.e.r. is called only in the USA! Thanks for pointing that out Soul!

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