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Help! TelusV V3c messed up even after reflash!


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New to this forum, and as every newbie out there, my first post will be HELP! I messed up something!

I was playing with P2K commander uploading new skins, then I uploaded the cl.gif picture in a/mobile/system folder, then after that the phone is working but all I get are the icons at the top of the screen and a black screen.

I reflashed with the Alcatel software, but it did not solve the problem!!!

what do I need to do? Anyone has the complete telus backup???


Guillaume :)


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Why did you flash to altel, on a telus, dont understand the reason for this. Your telus firmware is better then altel and verizons. It has java and you could of put games on it. YOu dont see anything on your phone prob becasue altel uses brew and telus java. This is my guess. I dont know if anyone has a telus flash file... but i think you need to look for it, and put that back on your phone. < this is the second time i hard someone doing this, and they said they got nothign on there phone, but still got calls and make calls, but screen was black... no menus, but not sure what they did to solve the prob or if it was ever solved> Good luck.


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beringer said:
I just got a brand new one from future shop. I wont ever touch flash it again, ever! Thanks!
Yes if you dont do thinks correclty you can kill your phone, did you get the new one for free? Oh and by the way what were you trying to do wiht your telus razor?
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