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Help! System Won't Boot!

Hey, I built my dream machine, but when i started it up, it would not run to the bios setup. Hmmmmm, well, i had geek squad look at it and they said it would probably be a faulty mother board? Ya think? Well also, when i started it up for the very first time, it started for a sec then shut off, I removed the Pc and it was covered in a type or gummy powder or something. Is that Normal, I know I am a nube, but please respond and let me know if this is an odd occurance. I am currently in the process of returning the MB and the processor. I hope to get them back next week. I hope that there will be some good new waiting for me when I return. Please give some insight and let me know whats up. THanks...

When i built my cpu, i started it up for the first time and everything was running, and the graphics card was getting power (The fan was running on it), But it would not go to the bios setup. I thought it might be the graphics card, but then again, geek squad said it would probably be a faulty motherboard or PCIE slot. So i am returning the MB. Please tell me is this has ever happened to you.

By the way, the graphics card is an ATI Radeon X 1650Pro 512mb DDR2

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Re: Help!!

moved and merged posts.. please don't double post about the same problem in different sections.

Also updated the title.. titles such as "help!" usually will not get much help. Please be more specific.


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Re: Help!!

Did the "gummy powder" originate from a source on the motherboard? I am just wondering if you have managed to get an exploded capacitor.... these are usually the result of overclocking and not seen on new builds - did you put this together yourself? Because I guess a short could do it.....

I have found there is a WHOLE FORUM for bad capacitors here!


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As you did not specify what components you were using did you connect the 4 pin power plug as well as the 24 pin?, as a lot of the new boards will not post without these two being connected.
yea, Everything is connected. I have received all of my components after returning them, but need to go get an OS. so, i will do that hopefully soon, and start it up again, to see if it will work.
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