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Help setting Printer and IE7 options in mandatory profile?

We have 60 agents at my company who have a mandatory roaming profile which is the same for all of them. However, I need to set our laser printer and IE7 settings so they STICK.

I will admit up front I am very new to Active Directory, but I am learning everyday. I wanted to know where I can locate the settings files for IE7 (first time setup page, Anti-Phishing settings) so I can move those settings files to the mandatory profile for our agents. Or is this something new to be set in AD?

Also, I have been trying these 2 commands on each workstation to see if they would set a global printer, but a lot of agents are getting no printers when they log in? I am not sure why?

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\hubws041 /y /n\\hubdc1\AcctLJ2200 (set remote printer)

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /in /n\\hubdc1\AcctLJ2200 (locally)

Am I missing some core concept here as to why this wouldn't stick once an agent logs off and comes in the next day and logs in and sees no printer?
Did I just word my question terribly? lol

I just want to set IE7 settings for all active directory users, and

I want to set a global printer for everyone in Active Directory also


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for IE, why not use group policies?
Printer connections would probably be better to use a login script to connect the printer.

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