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HELP: Second HD install with WinXP



I need some help. I installed my new HD, set it to slave, set BIOS to auto-detect and booted up XP. Now it didn't detect the HD in Explorer, so I was told to boot up with xp and select install and from there I had the option to set the partition. Only problem was that it installs XP on my seconday HD so now I got XP installed on both my HD .

I have no idea how to format the second HD in XP as I can't change directory to that drive in DOS and can't format in windows as it says the disk is in use.

I did however force format the partition in the administration section of XP so the HD no longer shows up in explorer so I assume I'm back to scratch.

Any help would be appreciated.

(One more thing, why does my 60 gig HD only show up as a 55.9 GIG HD?, where is the other 4.1 GIG?)



well the larger the drive the more space you are going to lose in formatting the file system. just a fact of life. now about your hd prob i would say put it in a diff computer not running xp and format it there. you should be able to format in a diff comp if it's not running xp because it won't matter to your os what's on the second hd.


Get hold of a copy of EZMAX from Maxtor, make a bootable floppy and put EZMAX prog on, run the prog from floppy, it will show you your drives etc ..

Setup your drive with this prog, then reboot and hey presto it's there in XP no probs.

PS.. Get Partion Magic 7 afterwards and use this prog to resize your drive to the max, to claim back your 4.1 gig.

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