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Help required creating icon strip for YZ


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As the topic title suggests I need some help creating the icon strip that constitutes the toolbar in apps like YZ Toolbar, StyleXP etc.

I have the .png images I wish to use, but I'm not sure how to go about combining them all into a single image. I imagine something like photoshop is the tool to use, but I am a novice with that kind of app.

So, if you can help or can point me towards a tutorial for this it will be much appreciated.



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its quite simple actually...

you only have to make a strip of the icons you wish to use in a hot and cold state...

the easiest way to go is select the icons you wish to use... open multiple instances of the strip you are using as your template plus the one you are working on in an app (say paint) and then start plugging away...

the template will show you where the icons go and in what order/spacing and size the will be present...

I have made a coupla strips simply by using this process though unfortunately I have not used them long :D

once you have made the strip with the icons you want to use in the order visible in the template (and hot/cold states unless this does not matter) than simply name appropriately and save... move to the theme's folder in y'z toolbar and voila... when you fire up y'z toolbar next the theme name will be visible and you can select your theme :)

keep in mind you can select imgs from 24x24 size through to 36x36 size...


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I used to use the toolbar, but never created my own image for it so I can't tell you exactly how to do it. You probably need to emulate an existing image in every way possible. You would make the image size the same and put the icons in the same order. In Photoshop, you would need to copy each PNG image and paste it into a strip. Once that's done, you would need to reduce the size of the strip to correctly match the proportions (Edit --> Image Size). Good luck! :)

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