HELP!!! QUICK!! IPX Bindings!



Someone help.. Ok here is the problem.. my network consists of 2 xp home ed comps and 1 win 98 se comp.. a game i wanted to play over the network needed IPX so i installed it on all the comps.. now that works fine but the network goes deathly slow.. so i went on the win 98 comp and went into the IPX setting and changed the bindings so it wouldnt be bound to file and print sharing.. and now that comp works fine.. how in windows xp home ed can i unbind IPX from the file and print sharing so it will go fast again>?? HELP!
- Mike
Shift IPX/SPX lower in the binding order, so the workstations will use TCP/IP first and not wait for IPX/SPX to timeout before switching.
Thats just it... I dont know where in windows xp home ed the bindings options are! all i need to do is find out where i can choose what ipx is bound to and unbind it to file and print sharing but leave it bound to client for microsoft networks and microsoft family logon or whatevver.. thats what i did on 98 and now that 98 comp is working fine.. but just dunno where in xp.. anyone know??
Generally, I just right click on My Network Places, go to "Properties", then choose "Advanced" and "Advanced Settings...". This will then open the menu option for controlling binding order, and you can move them up and down as you wish.
Ok I played around with that but it is still gonig all slow after i add IPX no matter how i arange it or bind it
- Mike

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