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Help Problems With Creative Zen Vision


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi All,
I went out today to get myself a creative zen, the problem is that the blasted thing refuses to install on the computer, with the computer saying that the driver is not there, even with the disk in the drive. Not a computer problem as my ipod works perfectly, just refuses to let me use it!!



OSNN One Post Wonder
My Vision doesn't work either . . installed the software but my pc says everytime that the player isn't connected, although it is . .
anybody some tips .?
1.) Take Creative Zen player, insert it into the box you took it out of.
2.) Place said box, along with your receipt into your mode of transportation.
3.) Drive/ride to store of origin.
4.) Ask them to exchange it for an iRiver or an iPod.


OSNN One Post Wonder
That doesnt sound like a good idea.

If you cant install software, there may be a compatibility issue.

Please try it on another computer that you have access to, to confirm my prediction.


Just bring it back to the store, and explain your situation.

Also, WMP10 is key

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