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HELP!!! Problems with all 3d games.



Please HELP ME i'm stucked in the middle of my desktop and can't play any 3D based games anymore .... :(

Here is the story:

Installed RTCW on my machine ... played it several times without any problems.
One day, after loading the save game i noticed that the keyboard not responding, only the mouse. I tried to exit the game without any luck. The only way to get out was cold reboot - Restart.
Afterwards, Load the game again ... the keyboard is back and all working great ... besides off => after playing the game for a few
minutes i dropped out of the game to the desktop with an error in the main EXE file.

OK, i was sure that i screw the game with that restart ... so decided to give up. In that point i decided to back to my favorite game FIFA 2002 - and guess what ... damn - the same problem, only in this game and other (Giants, Stronghold etc...) he's dropping me to the windows without any errors.

In that point i understand that im in a new war against my computer ;)
Here is some of my actions during the last hours (but as you can see witout luck)

Unistall RTCW - remove the Nvidia drivers (safe mode) remove all the temp & junk files which referring to Nvidia and Reinstall the drivers ...

Fifa 2002 (and other 3d games) still dropping me back to the desktop.

BTW, i tried to play fifa 2002 right after removing the old nvidia drivers, and tried to play it with MS nvidia based drivers - same problem ....
its pissing me off ... what got wrong here ...
i never had this problems before ....

Plese guys .... be the one that can manage to help me ...
till now i've been in another 4 forums, non of them find the answer.

H E L P !!!!!!!!


Originally posted by Bootsy
system restore to a previous configuration...say like 2 days before all the problems started happnin. . Try it it might work.
Sorry...I thought 'bout it, but i'm behind those days ... can't go back.
Hmm I have 2 suggestions then. On startup hit F8 and go to "last known good configuration".
Or, those detonators gave me a headache when playing CS, it would crash a lot. I then moved on to the detonator 27.10's and a lot less problems have occured.


To be honest .. can't believe this all belongs to Drivers issue, 'cause i played all kind of 3d games about 2 monthes without any single trouble, until now.

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