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help please with php


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my friend asked me to change 2 links and 2 images on her site


and as you can see, the images i uploaded are broken. i changed the html (or php) in text (new to this php stuff) and uploaded the correct images but they are still broken. what am i missing or what else can i explain so i can get some help?



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that's a great looking site!
From the looks of it, the files have been uploaded to the /iprod/ folder???


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what exactly is PHP, I might already know but I get alot of things mixed up. Another language?


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I sometimes wondered what it stands for (I know what it IS).... that link did not say so I thought I'd post that up here "PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. This confuses many people because the first word of the acronym is the acronym. This type of acronym is called a recursive acronym. The curious can visit Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing for more information on recursive acronyms."

and then I found the Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing is run by Imperial College and thought that was kinda cool (since they are in London and I know/knew a few people went through there) - though I am still no wiser as to how a recursive acronym makes it PHP instead of HP (or HPP) - but I do understand it is interpreted and preprocesses HTML which is a definite step up from the primitive level of HTML or XML and gives you programatical possibilities right there in the browser....

the advantage over anything like Java or Flash being that it will be native browser support.

All clear now I hope?

Anyway - this thread was about FTP as it happens and had nothing zero nada to do with php - I beleive that site was pure HTML (least I was not looking for the <?php tag, but nor did I see one anyways)
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