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Help Picking Graphics Card


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I am looking at upgrading my video card and am unsure what would be the best. I know software - not hardware.

I currently have:

NvIDIA GeForce 2MX 64MB

The AIW is my main card. The TV tuner in the AIW and the video capture card get the most use.

The GeForce2 is used when I want to play games.

Swapping them in and out all the time is a royal pain in the arse. The ATI doesn't play squat for games. I have looked at the ATI AIW Radeon 8500 128mb. I see ATI has a trade-up program.

Seeing my usage - any recommendations on a video card?
You left out the most important part. How much money do you want to spend? One of the best cards out there is a Radeon 9700 pro which will run you approx. $300 US online.

edit: There is also the Radeon 9700 pro all-in-wonder..which runs about $400.

2nd edit: Next choice would be a radeon 9500 pro all-in-wonder. Not sure of the going cost of those..but pricewatch.com is your friend.
Radeon 9700 pro all-in-wonder, if there is such a card, it is a damn cool card.

I think you should go with the Geforce 4600 or that. :p


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Originally posted by Heath3n
You left out the most important part. How much money do you want to spend?
Money isn't a big concern. I just wonder if the $400 card is worth putting on my system.

I do need the TV tuner and capture capability though.


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concerning that last query... YES would be the answer... it is the most complete and most powerful video card out on the market @ the moment...

the card to wait for probably would be the r350 due out in march... still under 399 dollars retail price...

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