Help picking a MOBO

Have you checked out any MSI boards ?

I really hate VIA chipsets with a passion, just never seems to ever work properly.... so many incompatabilities...YUK

Via Chipset and Abit board = never ending problems

I am currently running ASUS boards with the ALi chipset and have not had one problem......

my MSI boards are also fantastic
Looks like the Dragon is a killer board. Take this into consideration when you get your memory though:

"One of the main characteristics setting the nForce chipset apart from the VIA KT266A is its dual-channel DDR SDRAM interface. This means that two 64-bit DIMM modules are merged to create a 128-bit wide memory bus.

But there are a few snags: The Nvidia chipset will only reach peak performance with two identical RAM modules. If, however, a third RAM module is added to the fray, the dual-channel mode, with its 128 bits of bandwidth, is automatically deactivated. That fact alone makes upgrading RAM tricky at best, pumping up the price as well."

Full article here:
nonono!!! the Pentium 2 440bx chipset with 100mhz fsb is the way to go! max speed 450 mhz, 100 fsb, onboard USB(oooh!!!), no AGP port(oooh!), 3 PCI(oooh!)...thats the way to go! P2 all the way!!
Thanks... looking for more professional replies .........

Still the Dragon is looking like the winner !!!!

Doh!! Ignore my last post... for some reason I thought the Dragon was sporting the nForce 420D chipset.

Went to the site you originally posted... man that's a nice package they have set-up with that board... built in support for the smart card reader AND the card reader/USB ports in an expansion EXTRA... way cool.

Too bad the Promise Raid controller doesn't support the newer ATA133 though... that would have made it too sweet to look further.

I'm NO expert but I've had VERY good luck with the Epox 8KHA+ with the new AMD 1900. I like the KT266A chipset and run 768MB's of DDR 2100 RAM. The Mobo is idea for overclocking if required-I don't. The price is very friendly and great support! I've used four previous Epox boards and had no problems except a cmos chip went bad, and they replaced it. I had to buy a $12.00 tool to remove/install the cmos chip but oh well! Just make sure you install the latest 4in1 VIA drivers with any Via chipset. Good luck.
Dragon Plus is a great board. Check out my sig for my configuration, built around the Dragon Plus

I am currently running ASUS boards with the ALi chipset and have not had one problem......
Use Asus with ALi chipset too, and it rulez. My friends all got VIA chipset, and i hear nothing but complains about the latest VIA4in1 drivers from them. Never had one single problem with the Asus board, and Asus has great support!!
Go4 Asus:D
See sig

Check out

Read the forums excellent advice about any AMD board

I like ASUS boards I'm on my third all three are still operational


Did have some problems with the A7V and high speed USB but they were fixed with bios 1008.

The Dragon is about the same board except for the onboard NIC. It would come down to price for me. This is just my opinion I could be wrong

my 2 cents
My 2 cents would be go for the dragon+ very nice board or if you want a very stable and trouble free board look at the tyan s2390b
I have one and its quite nice.

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