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Help picking a camera!


Liger ZERO

I looked at canon the only one I liked was the G2.

Can you guys tell me why canon is so good or why you like canon?:confused:


Cannon or Nikon? Fords and Chevys, my man. Fords and Chevys.

But seriously, what do you want to do with a camera? If you want to take pictures to print, you should get something with greater than 3 megapix. 5 would be good. Give you nice prints. If you want to post the pics on the net or burn family albums on a cd to share, a camera in the 2.1 megapix range is fine. I have a Nikon Coolpix 775 and it gives me 1600 x 1200 pixels. Since I put most of my pics on the net, (www.nevadamoonlight.com), I usually shrink or crop them to 640 x 480.

Will you be shooting action? You'll need something that can emulate the faster ISO films, (ie. 400 or better). Take a hard look at what you want to do, go to a lot of electronics stores, handle a lot of models and ask a gazillion questions.

Good luck!

P.S. Just thought of something else, beware of digital zoom. 10x optical zoom is good, or even 4x, but using digital zoom will give you highly pixalated pictures.


its only fun
Liger ZERO,

Don't know if this helps you but I have a Cannon powershot G2
and it's the "dogs dangley bit's"

Superb quality [4.0 mega pixels]
4 different resolution settings [2272 x 1704 1600 x 1200, 1024 x 768, 640 x 480]
Amazing battery life

Just a few pointers go
here to see more.

What a beauty
Hope this helps
Alan [unpaid sponsor]:D


i have no money... therefore, i could only afford the canon powershot a40. it's not too bad, i guess... it does wut i need it to do. i don't plan on printing the pics on paper, since that costs a bundle for the supplies AND i need the right printer to do so. i haven't heard too much about the nikon cameras... when i asked around to see what camera i should get, most people either said canon or sony. i think one or two people said nikon, but if i recall, those were out of my price range anyway.

Liger ZERO

Well I think I found my camera. It's a Nikon. It the Coolpix 5000.

I will be going to Costco soon to see if they have it.:)

Thanks for every ones help. It has helped me out a lot in picking a camera.

I will tell you about it when I get it. And if I don't like it I will look in to so of the other cameras you guys posted.

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