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Help OneTouch II 300G Broken ?


OSNN One Post Wonder
My new one touch as stopped working.:cry: For the last two months its has been working without any problems but now its not seen by my computer.

Its connected via firewire. I have also tried connecting by usb still no luck. I have also tried connecting to another computer its also not seen on this.

The touch button is constantly flashing blue.:rolleyes: Fyi I’m using xp pro sp2.

Anyone have idea how I can get it working again ?



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
sounds like an RMA case to me - the blue flashing should only happen when the drive has gone into "power save" mode. That is assuming it is flahing "evenly", when it flashed top side/bottom side that indicates data transfer in process and also looks to have a slightly faster flash rate.

Either way it does sound from what you have tried that the drive has somehow died. I have the same device about a year old and no problems here with the actual drive itself. Hope the RMA process is acceptable and any data you had on there is not critical!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I am afraid RMA is where you return to the supplier under guarantee for a replacement... it will not help with your data. I have no idea what could be done to recover your data - the best bet for persuing that would be the Maxtor technical support. They will want your serial number and model. Personally I would not hold out too much hope, but you never know and the only way to find out is to try....

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