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25 Jan 2004
Alright i got a problem here. I bought a maxtor 160GB hard drive at staples the other day and when i put it in it says that i have only 33GB on the hard drive? I found this out when i tried to format it and it says the unpartitioned space says it has 33GB on it. Why is that? is there a cap on my hard drive? I tried to change the jumpers. Its a slave right now and it doesn't even say that its there in My Computer. However on Bios it says that its there! I don't kno whats wrong? Please help me out :(
Are you using FAT32 or NTFS? I think FAT 32 limits your hard disk space.

Did you partition your hard drive prior to trying to format it?

I am not sure if you have to do this with XP but you used to partition with FDisk.

Do a search on FDISK lots of useful info there.
i put a 120 gig harddrive in for a friend of mine and in the bios it only showed something like 46 gigs but when windows booted it showed the full size if i were you i'd go ahead and format it and install windows or whatever you want to do with it and see if you have the correct size
I formatted it and it still comes up on my windows as 33 GB and its really weird. THere MaxBlast 3 that came with it and i don't kno if thats helping im gonna try it right now.
yup and i don't have the card that they are talking about.. and i downloaded the Maxtor Big Drive Enabler and its supposed to enable me to upgrade my drive to my 160 however its says this error:

Supporting is currently enabled for 48-bit Logical Block Adressing (LBA) for ATAPI disk drives. you do not need to run this registry update.
acually i have SP1 and i followed everything now instead of 33 it brought it up to 137 = D it brought up somewhat and now i need the rest of my hard drive !!!!! please some other suggestions!! i have SP1, used the Maxtor Blaster, ANYTHING ELSE!?! Also now from a Bio's limit now turned into a Maxtor Limit this is what MaxtorBlast3 said:

137GB Capacity Barrier

In order to properly access the full capacity of a hard drive larger than 137GB, your system must meet the system requirements described below. Formatting a drive past the 137GB barrier on a system that does not meet these requirements will result in data loss.

Note: If your Maxtor hard drive came bundled with a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter Card, you can safely install and use your drive with the PCI card on Windows 98SE, Me, NT 4.0 SP4, 2000, and XP.

1) Operating System Solutions

The only current Windows operating systems that natively support the full capacity of drives larger than 137GB are:

Windows XP Home Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Windows XP Professional SP1
Windows 2000 Professional SP3
Windows 2000 Server SP3

The latest Service Pack from Microsoft must be installed to ensure support for large drives. To download the latest Service Pack for Windows XP or 2000, visit Once you have installed the latest Service Pack, you must install and run the Windows version of MaxBlast from the MaxBlast CD to properly format and partition the full capacity of the drive.

If you do not have one of the operating systems listed above, Maxtor recommends that you upgrade your operating system or try one of the solutions listed below.

2) Chipset Solutions for Windows 98SE, Me, NT4.x, 2000 and XP

Intel 8xx Series Chipsets
Intel offers drivers to support the full capacity of drives larger than 137 GB on motherboards equipped with the Intel 810, 810E, 810E2, 815, 815, 815E, 815EP, 815P, 820, 820E, 830M, 830MP, 830MG, 840, 845, 850, or 860 chipset. The Intel Application Accelerator is compatible with Windows 98SE, Me, NT, 2000, and XP operating systems. The latest version of the driver can be downloaded from If you are not sure what kind of chipset your motherboard has, contact your system or motherboard manufacturer.

If you are building a new system, you can use a bootable MaxBlast CD or diskette to partition and format large drives to their full capacity. Choose the “Set Up Your Hard Disk” button from the Main Menu, then select the “Advanced Installation” option during the install. After the drive has been partitioned and formatted, you can install Windows onto your system. Once Windows has been successfully installed, you should immediately download and install the Intel Application Accelerator before putting your system into regular use.

Other Chipsets
1. Some motherboards and PCI ATA cards equipped with VIA, SiS, ALi, NVIDIA, HighPoint, and Promise chipsets may have drivers or updates that will allow you to access the full capacity of a drive larger than 137GB, so contact your chipset, system, or motherboard manufacturer to see if they have drivers available for your operating system. If not, Maxtor recommends that you purchase a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter Card, available from most retail and online computer stores.

3) Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter Card

If you have an Ultra ATA/133 PCI adapter card with an open channel, your high-capacity Maxtor drive will be fully supported in Windows while the drive is attached to such controller. Maxtor recommends using the Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter Card, which is fully compatible with all capacities of Maxtor ATA hard drives. Some system BIOSes do not support booting to drives attached to alternate adapters, so you may only be able to use the drive as additional storage and not as the boot drive. For more information on the Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter Card, visit
i guess either fdisk it and split it into 2 drives or it might be time to upgrade

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