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22 Mar 2004
Hello guys,

My system does not recognise my hda as primary, no matter what i do .. it still recognises hda 80gb as my primary slave.

Even if i set it up as primary boot up device, running it as the only hdd the system will still recognises it as primary slave.

Currently, i have the jumper settings to Cable select, if i were to put it as master, Windows will not boot up.

Please help me out guys.
I have reformatted many times and tried almost everything.
you not find an anser in #ntfs last night? :(
sorry to hear that, hopefully someone here will be able to :/
wonder if it could have to do w/ mbr? did you try fixing mbr yet?
Yes, i tried asking on #ntfs and also #osnn. Noone could help me on #ntfs and noone replied to me on #osnn.

I figured it could be the mbr, but how do i fix the mbr?
I have OEM windows xp cd, i don't think there's any Auto Recovery Console or something.
boot from startup floppy disks or CD-ROM, choose repair option during setup, and run Recovery Console. When you are logged on, you can run FIXMBR command to fix MBR.
try that :)
I don't have Recovery Console, like i mentioned i am using OEM cd.

I don't see any Recovery Console.
And i don't have floppy.
ok when you boot from the cd and the window pops up that asks you if you want to install windows xp or reapir using the recovery console, hit r and the command prompt will come up that's the recovery console.
I don't have that options because i am using OEM cd.
The only console that i see is Automated Recovery Console, is that the one that you are mentioning?

But i think that is to recover the windows xp installation.

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