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What was I saying last night? Something like "Whenever I get my system exactly the way I want it, I always have to break something"

Today I broke something.
I decided it would be cool to change the standard mouse and keyboard drivers into the respective names, ie wireless multimedia keyboard, wireless optical mouse. It asked me to reboot so I did. The mouse didn't work, arg better revert it, ARG keyboard doesn't work.

Safe mode won't let me move em either. feck.
After playing with the various options F8 allowed me to and got nowhere!

Fortunatly I had an old 15 gig HDD lying around from a mate, so have been deleteing the porn and spyware off it (this guy was an old man and asian porn and frankly its all a bit much) - got a nice activated copy of MS WindowsXP Home :D - with a working keyboard and mouse :p

What can I do? I could set my HDD up as a slave but where would I wipe or access what needs to be changed, I really don't wanna reformat as like I Said I have this exactly the way I want it.

boo hoo.

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Wanna pickle? mmmm I think you have enough. :p

Ever heard of drvimagexp or xcopy? :D

As for your problem......................haven't got a clue how to remove drivers if you can't boot into the system without making changes to the system you got how ya want. :huh:

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Thing is I won't be able to back anything up either :S
Would have to do a repair install then backup then reinstall, a damn pain.


Maybe try a cheap regular keyboard? If you try that maybe windows will change the drivers.


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ok, you need to delete the bad keyboard and mouse driver file references then windows will grab generic ones.

Install your real drive as a slave so you can edit it. Then backup the registry on the original drive (just in case we make it worse).

Two options
1). Find your backup copy of the registry and replace the main one with it. This assumes the backup didn't get nailed too. Something like doing a roll back.

2). Load the registry on the original drive into regedit and doa find on mouse and keyboard. Get rid of the bad entries.
Good luck number 2 is very tedious.

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Going for no.2 sadly as I don't know where to find this backup..!

Any suggestions on where to look for the registry or where in the registry I can find the keyboard stuff?

Got a shortcut regedit /s so I can run a registry change if I can find the correct setting... ARG


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Yeah, realised that problem after i posted and have been looking for it. Bad news is I can't find it or the basic registry file to edit when the drive in question is not the primary :(

I'm still looking.


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look in the device manager for the keyboard drivers on the good disk, then see if you can find those files on the bad disk. remove them, try to boot. If that doesnt work, copy the keyboard drivers from the good disk to the bad disk and try again
Try running the repair option off the xp cd. Your keyboard and mouse should work booting from the cd and maybe, just maybe windows will repair the drivers.


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i would just plug in a diferent mouse? ie if ur using a cordless optical usb plug in a corded ball mouse ps/2 they only cost like £3....if every thing else is fine then a reformat is just a waste of time, a repair should fix the drivers. as jonifen said last good config may fix it.


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he said in the channel last night that he had reformatted, but I never found out how that went, he obviously got windows and keyboard workin, but hes now gone for a few days while he re-tweaks it back to the way he wants it

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