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HELP!!! new MOBO problem!


under worked, over paid
I am swapping a couple mobo's.
System 1: I installed a new MS-6769 with 2.3 cel but system gives error when entering winxp pro.
I have unhooked everything exept one stick of ram and boot drive. Am using onboard video until solved.
System 2: I took old MOBO (MS-6337) to another computer that had a fried board and the same error comes up. This system also has win xp pro.
Please help if you can. I have done many swaps before but never with xp :eek:


NTFS Stoner
this is by design of the nt system, its because you changed chipsets in the upgrade. it's fixable by running the windows repair from the xp cd.. this lays new system files allowing xp to pick up on the new chipset.

98 did this without problem.. but bluescreened a lot after ;)


NTFS Stoner
you will notice entering safe mode that windows hangs on the motherboard chipset.. pain in the ass, but in a way saves the BSOD monster from poping up using the repair option


NTFS Stoner
BSOD is blue screen of death

and when u boot from the xp cd.. ignore the 1st repair option and continue for new instalation.. when the cd displays the partition containing xp, you will see a 2nd repair option... this kicks straight into deleting the system files and laying a fresh set down, then it follows the normal install pattern. but when finished all your files and programs are still installed and safe. just remember to run windows update as all microsoft patch's are lost in the repair operation. including that damn msblast patch.

godspeed ;)


under worked, over paid
Now another question:

:eek: :eek: I did a re-install of xp on system 1 without doing the repair. Dooh. To impatient! :eek: :( :)

Is there any way to have the fresh install recognize my existing profiles? I had 5 users (family members) that won't be to happy if I can't get that fixed!

I will run the repair on system 2 tomorrow.



under worked, over paid
gosh, I hope this works. Thanks a bunch. I posted in the other thread incase you didn't know how to do this.

Thanks again and good night.
Wow, I had never thought of this before... I could've saved so much time instead of formatting after a major upgrade.

So now, I'm getting a new motherboard and I plan on doing this. Couple of questions though, will I lose my drivers for things like my video card and scanner? What about directX? Will it go back to 8.1 or will I still have 9? No big deal, I'm just curious.


under worked, over paid
If your writing about doing the repair then I think you still ave to do a SP1 install and all the update patches, dirextx9 etc. Be sure to save the msblaster patch on disk or floppy and run it BEFORE going on line for anything. It hit me in less than 2 minutes while trying to get the patch from MS. Blasted Blaster!! :mad:

All your drivers should stay the same. Only the operating system file change


viking lost down under
Hi m8

Just replaced my m/b too. The quick solution to your problem is. Re-install from cd, when it sees that you allready have xp it will ask you to either a full install or a restore, select restore and it will delete a lot of files and start to re-install new files. When it asks you to add a user name add the same as what you had before. everything will be as it was before. All you end up having to do is run xp updates again since sp1, and add a serial or two to programs running on your computer.



Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
so THIS is how you upgrade your mobo. I always thought a completely fresh install was required. I dont want to lose my current setup so I was gonna max it at 2400+ for as long as possible...

Heh I just did a system restore too. I downloaded all the friggin patches I could. what a pain.

time for a new cpu and mobo! wooohooo

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