help new 29.42 set...r they fixed yet..huh??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by -sour[mash]er-, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. can anyone help me...i cant find the new set from nvidia fixed...ANYWHERE....please help i need more fps....drooooool drooooool...slurp !!!!!i'm so sick of come nvidia dont seem to have an answer yet......damn slack if u ask me :(
    And wots with the cs doesnt run with xp rubbish...i have xp and i regularly partake in some killing and maiming on that very game....hmmmmmmmm is everyone sure they are running the new patch currently 1.5 this is my first post.....please be gentle,
  2. dont click on the short but cool gif...eek

    sorry people dont bother clicking on the gif attatchment....tee hee i thought that was where the funky icon for myself was supposed to be......can anyone help with that also......i want a damn funky little icon like everyone else.....waaaa
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    You have to have around 10 posts and then check out your user control panel under your profile and options, should be able to do it all from there..

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