Help needed with new computer I built

P4 3.60 800 FSB 2M CACHE L775
PC2-5300 DDR2-667 1GB (total of 2 gigs in system)
36 GB RAPTOR (Total of x 2 in system)
EVGA 7800 GTX KO 256 PCI-E ( running in SLI )
EVGA 7800 GTX KO 256 PCI-E

MOUSE: Logitech MX 1000

Room for improvement:

  • Sound Card , any recommendations? I bought the Audigy 2 platinum for my other comp but wasn’t sure what I should throw in on this comp for a sound card. I play games a lot etc. Is the audigy 4 even out? I thought I heard it was released but wasn’t sure seeing I haven’t even see the audigy 3 yet.
  • Should I install another DVD or CD-R drive? Reason I am asking is because I am curious if its better to have one read while the other is used for burning only.
  • Any good pimp mouse pads you recommend?
  • Any areas I can improve on or add to to make it better?
  • I wanted to water cool this seeing my other comp is water cooled externally by Koolance. Which I did myself and was my first time doing it. What would you recommend? I am very paranoid of using a fan to cool of my CPU and other components in my computer. Water cooling has spoiled me.
  • I am also looking for a good recommendation on a keyboard for my computer. I seen a new digital Logitech with screen etc on it but can’t seem to find it at my local stores.

Thank you for the help and I appreciate the help and input.


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Looks good but I would probably consider going AMD with their 64 bit procs. The system you have is a gaming setup and its going to be faster with AMD than intel.

For the sound card, the Audigy 2 and 4 are out. The 4 is basically the same processor as the 2. I would go with the new X-Fi audigy. Its better performance and better audio output and a completely new processor, not a rehashed/upgraded one like the audigy/1/2/4 setups.

Ratpadz makes a really nice mouse pad. Glacier or whatsit also has a nice product but basically, as long as you have a uni-color mouse pad, you should be fine. Also consider getting the newer Lazer mice from Logitech instead of the mx1000 unless you already have an extra. They just came out.

I have a sort of micro-fiber nylon setup which is EXTREMELY smooth, it should not make a major difference.

Water-cooling, lots of options, noiseless or not? Zalman makes a nice device for cooling passively.

For the keyboard, it really depends on the kind of things you intend to use it for. I have a Saitek gamer (corded) and it works brilliantly. I had a logitech keyboard before and it worked fine too.

If you are used to a certain style of keyboard or need a certain setup, try out a few perhaps by going to a store and checking it out.
Yea the person at the store suggested the AMD FX chip and I mentioned the clock speed was lower then the 3.6 so I got a bit confused. I did mention I don’t always game and I multi task a lot and in and out of gaming periodically. So he said the P4s where better for multi tasking and amd for gaming. If I did go with an AMD and had $1000 to throw down on it, what would you have suggested?

Thanks for the info on the sound card when does that newer sound blaster card come out? If its not soon I’ll probably just buy the Audigy 2. Is there a difference between the gamer card and the high end $200 card?

I got the mx1000 I thought that was a laser mouse it says so on the box and the salesmen told me the newer Logitech mouse with the 2000 dpi won’t be out yet.
If you read Intels latest technical announcements they have suddenly decided that clock speed is not the most improtant thing to look for in performance. (AMD made this announcement about 3 years ago, maybe 4).

You want to look at the FPS on games similar to what you normally play. So check out some web sites that run perfomance reviews on the different CPU's. Last time I checked AMD 64 had the lead. Also, the AMD chips will run cooler than a similar performance Intel chip which will help the heat problem you're facing with those dual 7800 Video cards.

It's better to spend money on the fastest video card than on a faster CPU for a gaming system.

Note the dual cpu processors provide no gaming benefit now or in the forseeable future so don't be sucked into buying one right now. New games and new versions of Windows need to come out to take full advantage of dual CPU computers.

There's not really any strong reason to have 2 optical drives. I've had 2 drives for years and end up just leaving the CD or DVD for the latest game I play in the one. Drive to drive copying can end up making coasters due to speed issues so I always write to HD first.


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The X-fi won't be out for a few weeks at least. You can pre-order on the Creative website.

I would consider using the on-board sound till then.

The proc, I would probably still have gone with the A-64 proc for multi-tasking as well. The MX1000 is a good mouse :) if you already have it, stick with it. I have one and I love it.

Back to the proc, if you are multi-tasking or something, you can get one of the X2 processors which is dual core, works well for gaming and also will handle other stuff you throw at it well. Future proofing so to speak. New apps which utilise the multi=threaded capability will start becoming more abundant since Intel and AMD are both out with dual core procs.

The 3800+ through the 4200+ are fine procs to go with and are cheaper than the premium ones. Clock speed is not king. If you definitely wanted to unload 1g, go with the X2-4800+ and enjoy :)