help needed setting up billion 7402 router with netgear wgt624 wireless firewall...


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Hi Everyone,

I have a billion 7402 router and a netgear wgt624 wireless firewall router...

i am having some trouble setting it up as programs such as azureus dont connect properly etc so i was wondering wat settings both should have in order to get the internet working properly...

the only thing the billion is used for is connecting to the net and thats it all the computers (wireless and non wireless) connect thru the netgear soo if someone is able to go thru with me wat should be enabled or disabled i would very much appreciate it...if you need to know more than plz ask as its 1.32 in the morning as i am sending this lol :eek:
Just a short question. Why do you have two routers? Just the wireless router would do.

And for the problems, for applications like Azareus you need to forward ports for incoming connections. If you've connected like this:

Internet - Billion - Netgear - Computer

you'll need to forward an appropriate range in the billion to the netgear and then in the netgear to the correct computer.


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hi i have the 2 routers coz the wireless router (netgear) dont have its own adsl u need to provide it to it to its special dedicated ethernet port one way or another ive forwarded the appropriate ports to the port the billion router detects the netgear as then from netgear to its computers and no luck
tried enabling rip on both and no difference in azureus i keep getting yellow signs n slow downloading speeds and when i enable upnp on the netgear no matter wether or not i take port forwarding off or not itll cause the wireless conenctions to disconnect n then reconnect again
Well RIP won't do you any good. So the Billion router has a built in DSL modem? Can you turn off the router function to get just the modem function? (Just like you can do with SpeedTouch modems/routers)


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yeh the billion router is a adsl modem jus i dunno wat i have to turn off to get it to be a "dumb device" and yet still have it give out internet to a specific port/ip etc

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