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HELP NEEDED emergency on iPod

my iPod which I purchased back in June 28th last year has just currently stopped communicating with my computer, it no longer shows up in iTunes when plugged in, and any music that I can copy across to it is wiped as soon as it's disconnected. I was wondering, would Currys have to give me a refund? I'm unsure since I've had it so long and it was in near constant use, but would they be under any obligation to take it back. I'm sure that it is a hardware fault as restoring does not help and (before it wiped my music) froze constantly on several songs, of which a restore with iTunes message soon appeared. Any help appreciated


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As dreamliner said, your iPod is still under the 1 year warranty from Apple. Even if you did take it back to Curry's, they would most likely send you to Apple because retailers aren't allowed to mess with iPods when they are still under Apple's 1st year warranty.


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Gave it back to Currys yesterday and theyare sending it off to get repaired,2 weeksno music, how will I survive!!!! thnx for help

contact apple and tell them to salvage your music on the drive. it is possible. if they won't ..tell them to give you credits for all the music you d/l from itunes ...or let you redownload them for free.

yet another problem with drm. you shouldn't have to go through this madness when you already own the license. I bet 10 to 1 they tell you to reinstall itunes as well. I guess though if they don't your music is still safe on there.

btw ..is there a legitimate way to back up your purchased music? i've always wondered that. When i say purchased ..i mean purchased from itunes or napster or whatever.
Gave it back to Currys yesterday and theyare sending it off to get repaired,2 weeksno music, how will I survive!!!! thnx for help

Google "unforgettable ditty's" play a few. They are short tunes that burn into your brain and keep playing back from memory over and over so you will not be without music.

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