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HeLp! :Need Print Screen:

I recently bought the Microsoft Office Keyboard:

I cannot get the Print Screen to work if someone could please help me figure this out I would be much appreciative.

I have also noticed that it only says Print- if that means anything or gives any clues :)

Thank you in advance.

Post Something helpful or nothing at all ;)
Lonman: Well that is the basics of Print Screen and holding alt prints only current window is still very understandable-

This didn't help but thanks for trying- I know the basics it the damn keyboards fault- Not sure wether its defective or its just ahh i dunno- its really messed up all this trouble I'm going through.

Please try again :D
Is it a combonation USB-PS/2 keyboard? Which are you using it as? If you have it plugged in as USB, go with ps/2... FAR less problems.
Okay! I have finally figured this whole big pile of p00-p00 OUT!
The PrtScn button is above the NumPad!

F12 is Print which brings up the printer stuff. Well Now I think I should go back to USB or should I keep it in PS2?
You can go back to USB... if you have any problems with it, then put it back to ps/2. I have a combination board like that, and I just leave it on my ps/2... it's much happier there and it always works.

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