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HELP!!! my pc does not want me to logon...


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my pc just stopped working. i have xp pro OS, goback 4. after rebooting and i can see our three logon username and clicked on my username, the window stops at the window logo and freezez. i did try on safe mode but after logging in it logs you off right away. did goback 12 hours ago which was working alright before and still it does not want me to log on. logs-in then logs-out right away. it shows that i am logging in a network neighborhood but in any case why does it log me out right away? pls help. thanks.
had a simular problem a couple of months back with goback 3,when installed it kept rebooting on start up, im sure it was down to sp2 that was installed in my os xphome.must have tried about a good half dozen times installing goback and kept getting the same fault ever time ,so now rely on system restore to undo any mistakes


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i was able te restore my computer 2 days back but you are right, it might be the goback because my friend also informed me that he had crashed his pc too when he was using goback and now he is not using it anymore. i will unistall my goback too. thanks.

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