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help my customisation

I am new to themes so i need some help please.
I managed to get samarize up and running (see attachment) with help from reading people's posts. What i need now is to get Explorer themed. I downloaded the patch from this site but i cant find any themes on the net. :(
Where are they? Or is it possible to get a free ware program to make my own?


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
OK. What you need is called a visual style. Go here & download one. Once in a folder open it & click the msstyles file. That will bring up system properties where you can then select the wallpaper & apply the style. If it is a self installer just click & away it goes.
i am not using samorize any more cause it is not quite what i wanted, although i think it is a good program. I am using a program called SysMetrix.
Ths XP skin is called Caution , with the colour baloo.
And finally i am using yzdock which is absolutley wicked.

I have attached the skin cause i cant remember the link to it :( the rest is easily found on the net.
No problem :)

I spent about 20 of the last 36 hours getting it right, and have even customised some of my own icons for it.

Links to some of the pages i ended up on:
1,2,3 (would put url but page is to short :))

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