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help most urgent



I uninstalled a tweek program and from that time on when i am in explorer manager when i highlight a file in any directory with my right mouse it freezes ... when i use task it states program not working .

how can i get this to work agian.

I tried to reinstall xp dack to a different date but the same happens

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Try reinstalling the tweak program & see if the problem is still there. If so open the tweak program & set everything to default. Then see if the problem has gone. If so uninstall the tweak program. You may have to leave the tweak program loaded for the problem to go away.


thanks dut i forgot the name of the b... program i used.
when i go into safe mode it all works .


when i use safe load in administrator it all works there is no problem at all.
but whe i boot normaly the problem is still there ,
is that some kind of security code i can change to correct it.
I fould the program and installed it again but the problkem remains


thanks they check out ok.
when i go into safe mode it shows two selection
administrator and my log on name . ( that was set to administator originaly both use the same log on password)
admisistrator works in safe mode
my log on does not work in safe mode.
now that is strange

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Ahh now I see. So you reckon you have tried system restore. Can you log normally as administrator? (And what follows is all new to me so get more advice before continuing)

If you can log on & the problem is gone try deleting your corrupt account & recreate it. Possible save you start menu settings etc to the desktop to paste back in later.

Like I said I'm not very clear on this.


I have only one log on available to me normaly ."xenon" and that gives me the problem.

If i use safe mode it gives me 2 selections "xenon" and "administrator"

the problem is not there is i select " administrator"

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Sorry don't have icq. Like I said I'm on thin ice here.

Maybe>>>>>>>> Open the control panel/user accounts. Create a new account & see if that is OK. If so delete the other one. Then rename the new one.

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