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Help memory/Mobo compatability ?


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Ok, I have a Gigabyte GA-7VKML mobo. Now I have looked at the gigabyte website, the crucial website and now the corsair website and I get 3 totally different answers to my memory question. I currently have 1 512mb pc2100 (some crap no-name brand) that is going bad and I want to replace and upgrade.

Now, gigabyte's site says I can use up to pc2100CL2.5 and upto 1GB max, Crucial says I can use up to PC2700CL2 and 1 GB, and now Corsair site states that I can use up to XMS3500CL2 and up to 2 GB of Ram. WTF! I would really like to pickup the fastest ram I can use as well as the max my system can hold (I only have 2 ddr slots).

Can someone PLEASE give me an honest, straight forward answer? I don't want to hear about you think it can, or It should work. I want to hear from someone who has this mobo and is using what they are recomending. PLEASE.

Thank you for any light you can shed on this perplexing problem.



The Voices Talk to Me
Originally posted by taurus
yeah, i would get pc2100 cl2 for that board. though if you're going to overclock your fsb, get pc2700.
would the system even ID the 2700? This is the part that is confusing me. Because I will OC' the fsb, I already am just a tiny little bit (can't go too high untill I get my new heatsink).

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