Help Me with Temps pls


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5 Jul 2002
Check this out from AID32.

Why are my temps so high? :(

Was a lot lower before i put in the new PSU and new alu case.

Any help would be VERY appreciated.
First of all the CPU fans should be 4000+rpm, not the 2411rpm as shown in your screen shot.
What heatsync/fat/compound are you using?

Does seem a little high, but then with an cooling case, jet 7+, and coolermaster compound my 3000+ ran at between 40-50 and well, yours is running faster!

It's strange cos my 64 runs no problem down in the 30;s
How can i speed up the fan?! Its slowly getting higher!!! :(
You cant speed it up unless you have a manual fan controller.
I'm surprised the cpu fan can get that low.
So am i! It was working fine before i moved the PC stuff in to the new case with the new PSU.

This any help....
MY Jet7 had slower RPMs, but yeah I feel it should be faster.
Check your bios settings.
wow.. didn't know nvidia had a utility like that... is that only for nV series?
No luck in option to speed up the fans! :(

Any other suggestions?

Ming...just search for 'nvsystem utility' on google and it'll find you the page and the boards it supports.
ok, thanx.

Check the connections on the power leads for your fans. Or, the voltage. Don't know a lot in this area. Sorry.
the power supply u got
not enuogh power? faulty?
try changing the pins on the motherboard where u plug the fan into
If the readings are good the CPU is high because the case temp is too hot.

Case should be about 35-40C at most.

Does the new case have 2 fans up front blowing in and one in the back blowing out? If not, that is the problem. You can't run a high performance system without plenty of airflow (or water cooling).

These aluminum cases are just a scam. Air flow (or water flow) is what counts.
Thanks all.

Looks like the cpu fan was spinning at the right speed...but cos i didnt have the two rear fans connected up it wasn't getting rid of the hot air and was building up quite fast! Oops.

Anyway, i've ordered the molex 3pin to 4pin connector and for now have the window wide open and the case side off!

Cheers :)

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