Help me with choosing a new Soundcard


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Can you guys help me on buying a new soundcard? I am going to use the soundcard for games, movies and no professional audio/video-editing. Both cards are without external bracket.
I've heard that the Audigy cards have crappy drivers for Windows XP, but they provide a better soundquality.
And there's the EAX standard. The Live card uses EAX1, while the Audigy uses EAX2, but do you really notice the difference? I am planning on using the Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 Analog speakers with it.
When you choose the last option (Other card), please specify what card you mean.
Thanks for helping me out.


Personally I would stay away from anything Creative puts out. I would try either a Hercules Game Theater XP or a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz


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I have had several Creative cards with no probs, but I do know some people have probs with them, guess I have just been lucky that way



Well I have had a few Creative cards and not any real terrible problems with them that I could not work around. They are known to have conflicts with many other hardware pieces tho. They are also very picky about sharing IRQ's. Their driver support is lacking and now when you try to download new drivers off their website you have to go thru a waiting period much like file planet does. Just my opinion but I think the other two cards I mentioned are better choices. Did not mean to sound like I was bashing Creative, I still have a SBLive in my kids computer and it works fine.


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I would avoid Creative grafics cards like the plague unless you can get nothing else.

The Creative Sound Cards are the best out there imo.


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Originally posted by Geffy
I would avoid Creative grafics cards like the plague unless you can get nothing else.
Having a Creative Geforce 3 ti200 here. No problems so far.

Thanks all for your input guys, keep them comin'!


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i had a live! and liked it. then later i sold it and ugraded to an audigy... and i really did notice an improvement in sound quality when just listening to music. as far as eax 2 goes, only games like jedi knight 2 and a couple others utilize it.

i have heard good things about the hercules sound cards.. they're a good value and are of good quality. i don't know much about them though, but you might want to look into them.


If you are really serious about sound reproduction for music or otherwise, you should consider Philips Acoustic Edge. It's a great card with 5.1 capability. I have tried creatives offering(Audigy platinum) I still think Acoustic Edge is a lot better for less.

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