help me man!



i can'y get my camera to recognize in timeshot from xp powertools can somebody please reply it's pissing me off!
can you be just a little more specific

Like what sort of camera it is

What you have tried to do

etc etc

then we may be able to help fix it


it's a web cam

i've just installed the newest drivers for the camera, that didn't work.

it should list the camera but doesn't, it's listed in the scanner and camera wizard.

i can't tell you any more cuz that's all i know so far
What is the make and model of the cam? Does it work with the software that came with the cam? Does it work with any other video program (such as video conferencing)? Also, what do you mean when you say it doesn't work. Do the programs not recognize the cam?
camera in timeshot

model: m-318b

just installed newest drivers, didn't work before or after new drivers.

made by view quest technologies, it is an XP driver.

works with all other applications on my computer including the cameras own program

when i say it doesn't work i mean the camera is not listed in the drop down menu for camera choice there is nothing in the list at all
You could try uninstalling the powertoys and then reinstall them to see if it would then recognize the cam but I dont know why you would want to bother. You can probably do everything with your cam's software that you could do with the timeshot program. The powertoys aren't really supported by microsoft so they are pretty much use at your own risk programs.

you obviously don't know anything about the program, i don'tknow why you bother wasting my time, you think i havn't thought of those solutions, did mummy buy you a pc for christmas or wot?

i need help from someone with experience not a guesser, i've got better things to do with my time!
Well I am sorry if I have wasted your valuable time, if you had bothered to write a concise, coherent description of you problem and what you were trying to find out the first time you submitted your post then I would have known that you had obviously tried everything and then I would not have had to waste my time attempting to help an *******.
Gentlemen! Please behave, this is a friendly forum and we want it to stay that way!
Bigals, it was quite a rude answer you gave jw50, he tried to help you with his best intentions, so no reason to be mad! You should be glad that someone tries to help you in the first place.
jw50, just let it go, I can partially see your answer but don't bother.
So be nice and don't post anything more regarding that matter ok?

If not, this thread will be closed!

sorry boss!

No hard feelings JW50, i didn't mean to be that arsy

Was pissed off mate! no one was helping then they did but not very well that's all, can we still be chums! haha!

heh - nice1 andyp... i saw this post and erm... kinda ignored it ;)
u hit it right on da spot m8 :D - much more braver then me :D


ok thanks for the chit chat but can u help, this is why i'm bothering to reply.

could somebody try a get their own camera to recognise and tell me what needs to be done , i would really appreciate it.



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