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Help me help my friend... choosing Video Card.

Using the upgrade for 5 months for Doom 3, Half-life 2, and Sims 2. And then he is off to the army. This is quite a tricky question so I couldn't recommend him right away.

The cheapest Radeon 9800 Pro is $258 (US) here, so that is out of his budget.

Geforce FX 5900 XT . . . $193 (plus a $26 350W PSU)

Radeon 9600 XT . . . . . .$150 (plus a $18 300W PSU)

So he does not want to go overboard. He just wants to have a card that will be good enough for the 5 months. No more, no less. What is the best choice to make.

Thanx for your help, as usual...


Time Dr. Freeman?
how well do you need to run those games? either of them can run on a 9600xt or 5700 ultra decently well for not too bad of a price. doom 3 can go 1024x768 medium quality at pretty decent speeds on a 5700 ultra. he doesn't need a super powerhouse graphics card if it's only for a couple of months. granted it won't be the fastest or smoothest thing in the world, but it certainly is a cheap option. and the new PSU thing? get some good stable, reliable power from either an antec, enermax, or TTGI power supply, don't buy the 18 dollar noname crap, trust me you'll be much happier.
Well, i was talking about the 5900 XT instead of the 5700 Ultra. Since they cost almost the same, and you seem to be recommending the 5700 Ultra, I guess i'll tell my friend to go with the 5900 XT. Afterall, the 5900 XT is a bit better than the 5700 Ultra.

What about the Radeon 9600 XT? if that can run Doom 3 on med 1024 x 768, then i guess that'd be better since it is cheaper.

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