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Help me decide!!....please.


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Basically, i want a new digital camera that can shoot good quality pics for around £200. I think 2MegaPixels should suffice and i will need at least 800x600 / 1024x768 rez.

Any suggestions would be great!..especially if you own the one you are recommending!
At 2Mpixels, you're looking at a 1600x1200 resolution...that will most definitely meet your needs and more! ;) I'd recommend the Canon Powershot A20 or the A40. Both have decent optical and digital zoom and camera people rave about it.

It can be had in the us for $200 (or about £122). Here is a link to it at a US site. If you can get it cheaper after shipping and VAT from the US (you're looking at about £20 to ship, I would venture), I would do it. Stuff is just less expensive here, and it only takes a few days to get to the UK anyway...

By the way, do you think the VAT will last long? Aren't people just up in a rage about it? If I were you, I would invade a ship full of electronics in the middle of the night dressed as Indians, then throw the electronics into the ocean! That'll teach em.


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Definitely a Canon Powershot like HandyBuddy suggested. I've got the S30, which I bought a year ago for $450, and I absolutely love it! The design of the Powershot cameras is very nice, and the features are very impressive. A great resource for deciding on a camera is The Imaging Resource. You can find very extensive reviews for many cameras, along with photo samples from each of them.
Im not too insightful in this area... but i like the Sony Mavica, which is what i own. VERY packed with features... and it takes some really high quality pics... 4 mega pixels...

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