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Help me build an Audio Production PC



My friend wants me to build an Audio Production PC for him...

AMD vs. Intel...is the intel better for this? if it is why is that?

Creative Lab Audigy is junk for audio production?
What sound card to use?

Good Music Software programs(Cool Edit...any other recommendations?)

Has anyone heard of a Roland DAW sound card?

thanks for any help

Programs? Sound Forge; Fruity loops ( www.fruityloops.com )

For lab Production, Creative Labs Audigy is probably junk.

Check those out... Philips and Turtle Beach are two great companies.

I never done any actual audio production, and I don't know how serious your friend is about what he is going to do; but I suppose if this is professional; a dual CPU motherboard should be considered; dual AMD MPs.


I may actually be insane.
Cubase SX
Fruityloops (3.56+)

If your serious about music production get a mac, PC architechture is inferiour for running VSTi's and such

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Sadly all the producers I know use macintosh...

Having updated from making most of their own samples and importing them into cakewalk.


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Posted by pr00fX
AMD vs. Intel...is the intel better for this? if it is why is that?
Yes the intel is better for this because it has a bigger front side bus

the athlon is Primarily a gaming chip

as for the price
the recent rounds of price cuts from intel now means a pentium 4 works out cheaper than an athlon

2.4GHz (533FSB) Intel Pentium® 4 CPU 512k Cache £155.10

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2.06GHz) "Thoroughbred" Core £163.91




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Posted by SPeedY_B If your serious about music production get a mac, PC architechture is inferiour for running VSTi's and such

"Yeah, don't believe the hype that Mac's are faster or better.

With SONAR 2.0 and the PC I built, I'm able to record over 64 tracks with reverb, 2 delays, and 24 tracks of EQ and compression. I'm only running dual 1 gig Intel processors with ultra100 hard drives. And I didn't have to spend $10,000 on 4 farm cards either.

So I guess my advice is to build or buy a solid computer, so you wont have to deal with anything that can slow you down in the middle of a production."
- Mike Wilson


I may actually be insane.
Mac's are faster than PC's, simple fact.
mac's use 128-bit risc processors compared to 32-bit cisc cpu's such as athlons and pentiums.
This isnt to say that PC's cant handle themselves, I can quite competently make music on my box (512mb 133mhz / 1GHz) running CuBase and multiple VSTi's
The choice of MAC or PC for music production is personal choice, just like windows or linux for your desktop o/s.
BUT i can guarentee you, if you ever get the chance to visit or even use a proffessional production studio, amonst the mass of synths and various other hardware, there will be a mac front-ending it all, running CuBase VST 5.1 or CuBase SX.


hardware monkey
most likely because that's been the blind standard for years now... sure, macs used to be better at audio and video at one point, but that's past.

it's not hard to build a pc that can more than handle any of the best sound apps.. for a third the price of a competitive g4.


I may actually be insane.
ever wonder why its the standard?
If you took that dual 1ghz intel machine and sat it next to a dual 1ghz G4, simple fact is the G4 would perform the same jobs a hell of a lot faster.
Yes they're more expensive, but its worth it, a 500Mhz RISC chip will competently perform the same tasks as a 1Ghz intel or amd unit.
As for handling the sound apps YES i've already said that a PC can handle them, im not denying this, im simply saying that a mac will handle them better. much better.

I'm not saying that pc's are worthless, all im saying is that a mac will perform (when given the same task as an intel/amd) much more efficiently and faster.


hardware monkey
well, i'm basing it off of price, since that's what the world revolves around and what proofx is most likely using to build this pc.


well thats pretty darn interesting...macs may be better at processing but the programs suck...

i am running a mac right now...sure the processing power is nice...
but with less programs to support it, it really doesnt make a difference...

i just wanted to know if there was a problem with athlon xps and audio....p4s are not as budget friendly so im trying to go for more bang for the buck...


I may actually be insane.
Yes, there is a lack of programs for the mac, as there are for linux, but im talking from the perspective of a music production machine. not as an everyday desktop machine used for browsing the net and office documents etc...
you can get all the proffesional music producing apps for mac. and they'll work more efficiently than the windows version of the same product.

As for cost, if your serious abour something, price / cost isn't an issue. if your main aim was to play UT2003, you wouldn't go and buy a 486 because it's cheaper than a nice new AMD machine.


hardware monkey
well, no... cuz..
athlon xp 2600+:486::mac:xp 2100+
.. is far from true.

if you were trying to build a good gaming machine and save money, you wouldn't spend $20 for a 6-year old system. you're being silly.

just liek if he doesn't buy a $4k mac to make music, he'd just go and buy a $20 machine. any new system would be more than sufficient.


I may actually be insane.
Jesus christ, it was an example!
Im saying if you want to perform a task, and your serious about it, you wont buy inferiour tools to perform it, even if they do the job, you may aswell pay extra for something that does the job ... but better.


I may actually be insane.
Thats the point behind a music production machine, they're built to produce music. they WILL get used for other tasks thats obviously inevetable. But they shouldn't be used for anything else really.
and as i keep saying the money is worth it IF YOU ARE SERIOUS.
obviously randomly buying a mac @ £2.5k isn't worth it if your not going to use its full potential. but if you are geniunely serious about prducing music then you will use it, and it will be worth it!



A lot of people who buy Macs.. are either

A)uninformed.. and follow a "blind standard" or..
B)Have lots of money to throw around.. and figure.. oh look its neat looking.. I'll spend unnecessary money on this box.

If said person DOES plan on being a serious music creator/producer.. He'd probably be better off buying a machine with a good value to performance ratio..

Unless of course he's rich as hell and is lucky enough to throw his money around on pretty boxes.. =\


I may actually be insane.
Can we just get over the fact that they're expensive ... they are because they're more efficient.
my very simple point is this

1. its worth the money if your serious
2. macs make excellent music production machines

end of. those 2 statements are fact. im not trying to trash PC's or argue at all, thats all im saying.

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