HELP MAJOR PROBLEM with new system !!!



ok heres my specs.
AMD XP2200+
256 pc133 sdram
300W psu
cdrw/dvd combo
80gig hd

when i tried to install xp and its copying files it would always give me several "The file blah blah" was not copied correctly.

but then if i hit enter to retry a few times it would go through.
Eventually i would get through the setup and get into windows.
but even in windows i would get many "could not access memory" errors.

When i get lucky and get into windowsXP i would try to install xp sp1. I get about half way and it would either reboot by itself randomly or give a memory error
or freeze.

Next i tried using a different cdrom to install xp. same file copy errors.

Next i took the 80gig hdd out and put it into my computer and tried to install xp. ran with NO problems.

Next i tried swapping the 256 ram out with 3 other different pc133 128 megs from my machine. same errors. (All the sticks of ram work in my kt7a-raid computer)

I've swapped ide cables around. I've re-setted the ide cables into the motherboard. re-checked the psu connections.

I've updated the award bios.
updated Via4in1's
took out all pci cards.
I've checked my temps.
They are in the mid 40's

I've tried Pio 0 through Pio 4 settings for my harddrive.
tried resetting BIOS.

I checked the biostar website and they list that the m7vkq only supports up to xp2100+

However i bought this cpu and mobo as a bundle from an online retailer. Could this mobo not be able to run the 2200+?
If you do a pricewatch search many retailers sell the m7vkq+2200 bundle as well. Im not sure if this is a scam or something.

What do you guys think i should do?
Do i have a valid argument to return the cpu+motherboard if i call the retailer?

help please =(
In your first couple of lines the symptoms described led me to believe that there were hardware issues, but all the things I would have suggested, you have already done!!
Sorry I can't help, but please keep us up to date!!

I had the same problem with a Athlon 1.2 GHz. I tried changing the HDD, the RAM. nothing worked. so I bought a cheap Duron 1300. That fixed my problem.... so it is most likely a bad CPU, or a mis-supported CPU. Check for BIOS updates.

Check your CPU temps (could be a cooling problem)


if that is the case(being the processor) see if there are soft settings or jumpers to change your cpu speed.(FSB/multi) And I will still continue doing a search to see if there is another solution!

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Well to try to install SP1 on a computer that barely boots is a useless.

I would be concerned that the mobo isn't listed for your chip.

When it posts, is everything identified correctly in the BIOS?

Do you have the CDRom on a different IDE channel than the HD?

You might try buying a high quality PS of at least 350w from a place where it can be returned if un-needed. Many twitchy little problems have been fixed with a good PS.

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