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HELP linux FS in windows

does anyone know of a app or something that will let me read EXT2 on a windows box? and installing linux is not an option, does anyone know of any others???????????
theres no cdrom in this pc, only nic and hdd's but there is a linux formatted drive with importiant data on it. that too is a good one but it does not see the ext2 partition that PTmagic sees, is it a possibilty that it wont see it because it is on an ide card?
well i give up for the night if i cant think of anything or nothing intresting come here then i will hvae to bring it to work and put it in the mandrake or suse box there


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I take it this drive is from a different machine? Also is this ext2 drive a fulll linux install or just some files on a ext2 formatted drive. If a full install why not disconnect your master and make your ext2 drive master and burn files you need to cd?
j79zlr said:
you can try explore2fs, I've never used it [I use reiserfs on linux], but it should work
Ditto, I use ReiserFS too (with rfstools in Windows), but I did try Explore2fs at some point when I was still using ext3, and it seemed to do the job.
Well I wouldn't think anything that read ext2 should really have troubles w/ ext3 as its just ext2 w/ journaling right?
I don't understand why it's so hard to find something to let Windows read linux filesystems. I mean, the linux subsystem is all opensourced and well documented, right? So someone must have come with the idea to take the source and create a program for Windows, without too many bugs (provided the programmer in question knows what's he's doing ;)). Can someone explain this to me?

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