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Help i need, XP AND LINUX



Hi !

I have xp and win2k now but son im going to reinstall xp and install linux mandrake.

im installing linux first but how do i configure the xp boot.ini file so
it findes linux or will it do that automatikly(sorry for the spelling)

can anyone help me



OSNN Junior Addict
a while back i had 4 operating systems installed on my system....

c: win 98
e:winxp pro
f:linux mandrake 8.1

Linux was installed last and it automatically added the "lilo" boot menu to the boot sector. In other words, when the computer booted, the LILO screen showed up with a selection to either boot to Linux or Windows. If you selected Linux, it booted directly to Linux. If you selected Windows, the Windows boot loader program that we are all so familiar with would show up with my choice of going to either 98, 2000 or XP. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!


It's not possible to boot Linux Mandrake or any other distribution with the XP boot manager, but when you install Linux Mandrake 8.2 it will automatically add XP or any other Windows/DOS system to the LILO (Linux Loader) boot manager.

But let me tell you something... Mandrake is one of the slowest and most windows cloned Linux distributions and therefore it's rather useless to have it installed. If you want to use Linux in addition to Win XP try Slackware or RedHat.



well mandrake is good, if your new to the linux environment. red hat is pretty good also.

slackware has a pretty steep learning curve if you've never used linux before.

there are ways to install both linux and win xp on the same machine. i dont remember where i saw the tutorials though. i'll post the links if i remember them.


ChrissiCom is wrong.

I am in fact running Redhat 7.1 and Windows XP with XP bootloader. I did it in 2000 also. I am using two hard drives and on my 40 gig I loaded XP and on my other one I loaded Linux, I did not put LILO on the MBR and made a startup disk for linux, I had to restart linux with the startup disk and then copied the bootsect.lnx file to C:\ and edited the boot.ini file with this:
c:\bootsect.lnx= "Linux". Boom, windows now asks which OS I want to boot, XP or Linux. It gives me 30 seconds to pick but I changed that to 10 seconds.
maybe it is impossible.


I am in fact running Redhat 7.1 and Windows XP with XP bootloader.....
I never tried it that way :) but if you say it works thanks for the information.

I think the best way to install Linux on a PC which has already Win XP installed is the following way.

1) If you have e.g. a 40 GB hard disk use Partition Magic 7 to free at least 5-6 GB of space at the end of the disk. No data will be lost using PMagic.

2) Boot with the Linux install CD (tried it with RedHat, Slackware, Mandrake and SuSe)

3) When it asks for the installation partition select the freed space and let Linux create its partitions there.

That should be the simplest way to install Linux on a XP set-up PC.



to chrissicom

Wouldn't installing at end of the HD violates 1024 cylinder ruler or the "should install below the 8GB point"? meaning the OS above 8Gb wont be detected at all? Please correct me if i'm wrong.. ^_^


thx all

very interesting i may say
if any one think they have a beter idea please post them
thx all thx all

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