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Help! I need some webspace.


OSNN Junior Addict
:D I have a huge collection of smileys / emoticons that I would like to host. But I don't have any webspace. I guess even 5mb would be okay. Can anyone offer me some web space for my homeless smileys? :(

Voodoo :cool:


OSNN Junior Addict
I tried Bravenet but FTP programs arent supported with the free accounts. :(

edit: b0rken.netfirms.com/emots coming real soon! :cool: :cool:


I may actually be insane.
Space isn't really the problem with files like this, it's bandwidth usage. Also you'll need a host that allows hot-linking :)


I may actually be insane.
Except for two problems.
1. You can't hotlink the images.
2. Appears to be quite slow (that may just be my line at the moment though.)


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Political User
i may be able host them all for you if you want, jujst tell me how many Mb you need.
they would be on Smilies.Henyman.co.uk and alow hotlinking/unlimeted bandwidth.

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