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10 Jan 2004
My home network has been up and working, no problems, for about 9 months, using a D-Link 614+ router. 3 computers are hard-wired in, 1 computer accesses wirelessly with D-Link 520+ PCI card, and my Audiotron is connected wirelessly with a D-Link 810+ bridge. Router is set to act as DHCP server.

All of a sudden, the wireless computer can't access the network or the internet. I've checked workgroup names, etc., and nothing has changed. The computer shows that it is connected to the network, but there are NO packets being received, and this computer isn't getting an IP address.

The other wireless device is still working flawlessly, so I think the router is working OK.

When I go to the router set-up from one of the wired computers, the MAC address from the problem computer's card is showing up as a wireless device (under the Status:Wireless tab), but no IP address shows up (General : DHCP tab).

I've tried re-seating the network card in the problem computer, moving it to a different slot, changing the network to fixed IP addresses (it didn't work, so I changed it back). Still no luck. It shows as connected to the network with good signal strength, but absolutely no traffic to that computer.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
I know I will get smacked for this... but I have a Linksys wrt54g and a wireless laptop. Now I hate to state the obvious but have you ipconfig /release on all the computers and delete the DHCP Active IP Table??
Pull the power from the router and give it like 10 or 15 mins.
I did try that already. All the other computers / devices picked up their IP address normally. The problem computer still shows up as a wireless device, but nothing seems to be gong back and forth.

I also forgot to mention, I tried updating drivers (after the problems started), no luck. I also tried doing a system restore on the problem computer to a point when I know it was working - still no luck.

All computers are running WinXP Home.

Problem computer:
Soyo KT333, AMD 2000, 512 MB RAM
WinXP Home
WD 60 GB, WD 80 GB
Pioneer 16X Slot loading DVD
Nvidia 4200 8x, 64 MB video
Onboard sound
D-Link 520+ PCI wireless network card
Probebly just some wierd crap going on. Just keep all equipment of for 30 minutes as well as all your computers then boot each one up each time. If not then I don't know. You have probebly changed a setting some were just totaly forgot about it. Or have you recently installed any new software? Like norton system works or any firewalls? Also isn't there a 'repaire connection' button on the connection.
I already tried the repair connection thing - the computer tried picking up some crazy IP address - not on my lan at all. And still can't get to the net or to my network. I've tried static IP addresses, too. No luck. As far as I can tell, there hasn't been any new software for some time, and like I said, I tried a system restore to a known good point without success.

I'm starting to believe that the wireless card has gone kaput.
Are any radio devices near by? Such as a cordless keyboard. There not meant to affect wireless but they can because wireless uses radio waves. Or maybe a theres a wireless hotspot near you and it might be interfeering with your network. Is your network password protected?
I have only been using a wireless for a short period , but noticed occasional internet connection breakdown on a belkin 54g wireless system on the wireless connected PC only.
Communication light on wireless PC and router lights on main PC normal as is net access on main PC, then one or two mins later back on net , on wireless PC.
Had thought of deleting drivers removing card and reinstalling drivers then back in with PC card.
Could be an intermittent fault, as suggested by Belkin....... maybe yours is same.
They have 24 x7 free phone help line , have you checked out your supplier service?
I think we lost him :( .... ah well - guess he will find us again if needs be...

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